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MAY 9-11, 2018


The 2018 Conference was hosted by York University, and took place at the Hilton Hotel (145 Richmond St. W) in the heart of downtown Toronto.



Agnès Hubert is an EU policy maker, an author and an activist on EU gender equality policy. She is currently associate researcher with PRESAGE (Programme de Recherches et d‟Enseignements des Savoirssur le Genre) Science Po/OFCE Paris, Professor on gender inequalities and European policies at the College of Europe in Bruges. She is also a founding member and the president of the first European feminist think tank, “Gender Five Plus” (G5+) and associate member of the international and European commission of the French “Haut Conseil de l‟Egalité”. Economist by training, she was a journalist before joining the European Commission where she was in charge of Equal Opportunities for Women and men in the nineties. She then moved to senior advising functions in the think tank of the Commission, in the European governance white paper team and in the European Parliament, with a focus on gender issues.She is the author of several books (L‟Europe et les femmes, identités en mouvement, 1998; Democracy and information societyin Europe 1997), of major policy documents on Social innovation for the Bureau of European Policies Adviser of the European Commission (“Empowering people, driving change: Social innovation in the European Union”, 2010; and “Social innovation a decade of changes”, 2014), and of many academic articles and contributions in the fields of gender equality and European integration, social innovation, and beyond GDP.




‘Europe Day’ Events across Toronto


10.30 –13.30:  "Uncovering the CETA Opportunity‟

13.00 –19.00:  Conference Registration and YRN Sign-in

14.00 –16.30:  Young Researchers Network (YRN) Event

18.15 –21.00:  Keynote and Welcome Reception

18.15 –18.30:  Welcome Remarks, Heather MacRae and Ruben Zaiotti, ECSA-C Co-chairs

18.30 –19.30:  Keynote Lecture: "Building citizenship in a diverse European Union‟ Agnès Hubert, College of Europe.

19.30 –21.00:  Reception& Refreshments 

10 MAY


08.15 –16.30:  Conference Registration 

08.30 –09.00:  Break & Refreshments

09.00–10.45:   Panel Session 1

10.45 –11.00:  Break & Refreshments

11.00 –12.45:  Panel Session 2

12.45 –14.15:  Canada-EU Business Roundtable Luncheon [box lunch for first 20 attendees]

14.15 –16.00:  Panel Session 3

16.00 –16.15:  Break & Refreshments (sponsored by U of T Press)

16.15 –17.45:  Special Roundtable Session A: Authors Meet Critics: European Union Governance and Policy Making. A Canadian Perspective. U of T Press, 2018. Special Roundtable Session B: Expert knowledge in the age of declining trust in the media‟.

18.30 –21.00:  JCMS Annual Review Roundtable & Reception

11 MAY


08.00 -09.30:  ECSA-C Board Breakfast Meeting -Boardmembers only*  (Tundra Restaurant @ Hilton)

08.15 –13.00: Conference Registration (Mezzanine –Second Floor)

09.30 –11.15: Panel Session4

11.15 –11.30: Break & Refreshments

11.30 –13.15: ECSA-C General Membership Meeting [box lunch for first 60 (Governor General –Main)

13.30 –15.15: Panel Session 5


MAY 9 YRN EVENT: 14.00-16.30


A Roundtable: Multitasking during the PhD

Chair/Discussant: Ahmed Hamila

Heather MacRae Theofanis Exadaktylos and Pablo Ouziel


B Outreach: Community Engagement, and Social Media for Aspiring Academics

Chair/Discussant: Juliette Dupont

Beate Schmidtke “Academic engagementonline andon social media”

Oliver Schmidtke “Outreach, Community Engagementand Social Media for Aspiring Academics"

Pablo Ouziel “Challenges toengage in public outreachas a young scholar”

Kim Chorong “Examples of video profiles foryoung scholars”

MAY 10: SESSION 1: 9.00-10.45


1A) Roundtable: Illiberal democracy in Central and EasternEurope.What –if anything –can the EU do?

Chair/Discussant: AchimHurrelman

Andrea Wagner, Attila Antal, Maria Popova and David Ost

1B) 21st Century implications for Trade Deals

Chair/Discussant: Tuna Baskoy

Stefanie Rosskopf  “What the Doctor Ordered or a Hail Mary: Progressive Trade Policy After Brexit& Trump”

Valerie D'Erman  “Mixed Competencies, and Mixed Messages? EU Authority and Second-Generation‟ Deals”

Patrick Leblond  “The Three Worlds of Data and Information Governance: Implications for Digital Trade”

Mario Barata  “CETA & The Autonomy And Unity Of European Union Law”

1C) Laws of Accession & Convergence

Chair/Discussant: Jess Guth

Femke Gremmelprez  “Allowing liberal EE Member States Within The EU: Institutions and Law”

Laurent Pech  “Rule of Law Backsliding in Europe”

Oliver Schwarz  “EU membership policy at the crossroads: Analyzing the processes of accession and withdrawal”

Natalia Fiedziuk  “Between convergence and divergence: towards a more coherent EU legal order”


1D) Climate, Environment and Aviation Policies

Chair/Discussant: GiadaLaganà

Francis McGowan  “Policy Learning or Politics as Usual? Explaining the Evolution of European Renewable Policies since the Financial Crisis”

Alfred Tovias  “Open sky agreements of the EU with non-member Mediterranean countries”

Johannes Müller Gómez   “Diffusion of EU climate norms in Canada: A case study on the European Emissions Trading System and the Western Climate Initiative”

MAY 10: SESSION 2: 11.00-12.45


2A) Trans-Atlantic Trade in a New Era

Chair: Carolyn Dudek/ Discussant: Michelle Egan

Carolyn Dudek  “Why Won‟t Europeans Eat American Food? The Trans-Atlantic Trade Impasse on Agriculture”

Laurie Buonanno  “Political Mythmaking and Opposition in Europe to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership”

Sara Norrevik  “Trade Policy Preferences Under Comprehensive Trade Agreements and RecentTrade Skepticism”

Holly Jarman  “Populist Rhetoric and the Transatlantic Trade Relationship”


2B) Nearby Tensions: Changes in EU relations with neighbouring states

Chair/Discussant:Andrea Wagner

Joan DeBardeleben  “EU Policy Change and Russian Reactions

AidarDossymov  "Since the Ukraine Crisis”

Irena Mnatsakanyan  "The Quest for Coherence: EU Crisis Management in its Eastern Neighbourhood: The Case of South Ossetia”

Ramunas Vilpisauskas  “The EU and Eastern Partnership Countries: An Inside Out Analysis and Strategic Assessment”

Ebru Turhan  “The Evolution of an “Extended” External Differentiated Integration:Turkey & theEU”


2C) Right wing populism in Western Europe

Chair/Discussant: Francisco Beltran

Sabrina Paillé  “Right-wing populism in Germany: the case of Pegida”

Morgan Le Corre-Juratic/Dylan Mollard  “Populist Radical Right Parties, Euroscepticism and Protectionism: Explaining the French National Front‟s change of position”

Oliver Schmidtke   “Anti-immigrant Nationalism: The Discursive Roots of Right-wing Populist Mobilization in EU”

Robert Sata  “European politics in times of crisis –Populist nationalism as the breaker of the EU?”

Joelle Grogan  “Unpopular Values in the Age of Populism”


2D) Gendered and Racialized implications of EU Policy

Chair/Discussant: Heather MacRae

Elaine Weiner  “Men and the Mainstream: The Integration of Men into the EU's gender Equality Agenda”

Jess Guth  “Gendering the External Dimension of the EU's Migration Policy: Challenges, Pitfalls and Missed Opportunities”

AkayshaHuminski  “Gender Equality myths and the reality in European welfare regimes: ideal worker narrative”

Jeremy Bierbach  “Falling in love with a single market: recognition of de facto partnerships and same-sex marriage for EU citizens”

MAY 10: SESSION 3: 14:15-16.00


Canada-EU Business Roundtable Luncheon

Chair/DiscussantPatrick Leblond

Burkard Eberlein  "The Significance of CETA in a world of populist anti-globalization and eroding multilateralism"

Mireille Focquet   "CETA: New opportunities for the Renewables and Clean-tech Industries‟

Klaus Meyer  "Business Opportunities in Canada –EU Relations "

MAY 10: ROUNDTABLE LUNCH: 12.45-14.15


3A) Policing the Body: Gender, Sexuality and the Politics of Mobility

Chair: Juliette Dupont / Discussant: Laurie Beaudonnet

Ahmed Hamila  “Europeanisation of SOGI Asylum Policy: the Case of France”

Elsa Tyszler  “Au-delàde la « victime de traite » et du sauteur de barrière”

Laure Sizaire/Nouri Rupert  “Les nouvelles polices de l‟intime :une approche comparative des pratiques consulairesau Maroc et en Russie”

Juliette Dupont  “Towards a two-standard mobility regime: variations of race and class in attribution practices of Schengen visas”


3B) Student Mobility and Education Policy across the Atlantic

Chair/Discussant: Laura Waddell

Gregor Schaefer  “Europeanization of mobile academics in a united European Research Area”

Conrad King  “Unity and Diversity in Higher Education: the Effects of Europeanization on Canadian Universities”

MerliTamtik  “International Education as Public Policy –ComparingPolicy Approaches in Canada & EU”


3C) Social Democracy and Crises

Chair/Discussant:Ruben Zaiotti

Grant Amyot  “The Missing Alternative? Social Democracy in the Eurozone Crisis”

Aaron Stacey  “Social Democracy and the Challenge of the EU”

Nicole Morar  “The European Integration Project: Neoliberalism, Crisis and Populism”

Rufat Babayev  “Changing social solidarity at EU level in pre-and post the Brexit Vote”

Lyubov Zhyznomirsk  “Normative Power Europe and The UkrainianCase inEU Democracy Promotion, 1994-2018”


3D) Europe after Brexit

Chair: Willem Maas / Discussant: Janet Laible

Willem Maas  “EU Citizenship and Free Movement after Brexit

Michelle Egan   “Brexit and the Single Market”

Scott Greer  “The political economy of social Europe after Brexit”

Holly Jarman  “European Union Trade Policy in the Wake of the Brexit Vote”



1) “Authors meet critics: European Union Governance and Policy Making. A Canadian Perspective(U of T Press, 2018)

Chair/Discussant Ruben Zaiotti

AUTHORS: Amy Verdun, Achim Hurrelmann, Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly

CRITICS:  Willem Maas, Costanza Musu, Laurie Buonannoii)


2) Roundtable: Expert knowledge in an age of declining trust in media

Chair/DiscussantOliver Schmidtke

Oliver Schmidtke, Doug Saunders, Roberta Guerrina and Dennis Pilon

MAY 10: JCMS ANNUAL REVIEW (Offsite):18.30-21.00


JCMS Annual Review Roundtable: The EU in ChallengingTimes

Chairs: Theofanis Exadaktylos & Roberta Guerrina

Daphne Halikiopoulou  “Right-wing populism and the new nationalism in Europe”

AkwugoEmejulu  “Austerity and the Politics of Becoming”

Muireann O'Dwyer  “European Economic Governance in 2017: A Recovery for Whom?”

Amy Verdun “Institutional Architecture of the Euro Area”

May 11: SESSION 4: 9.30-11.15


4A) Populism, Instability and Nationalism: Is Political Risk on the Rise in Europe?

Chair/Discussant: Julian Campisi

Johannes Leitner  “Political Risks back in the Core:HannesMeissnerHow European companies manage the new rise of political risks”

Francisco Beltran “Is nationalism a menace for liberal democracy?”

Cecilia Sottilotta “The Strategic Use of Government-Sponsored Referendums in Contemporary Europe: A new form of political risk”

Pia Morar  “Identity, Immigration, and Islam in the Visegrad Four”


4B) Across 2 Oceans: The Evolving EU Trade and Investment relationship with East Asia and North America

Chair: Marc Cheng/ Discussant: Ruben Zaiotti

Robert Finbow  “CETA as a progressive model fortrade?Assessing its potential in comparative context”

Chen-Huei Wu  “In Search of the EU‟s Grand Trade Strategy: TPP for the US/Japan, RCEP for China, What for the EU”

Catherine Li  “The EU‟s Proposal Regarding the Establishment of the Investment Court System and Its Implications for Asia”

Helena Guimaraes  “Sub-national markets and tradepolicy-

Michelle Egan "Making in Canada and the US: what lessons can the EU provide?”


4C) National and European Parliamentary & Party Processes

Chair/Discussant: Amy Verdun

Katarzyna Granat  “The Principle of Subsidiarity and its Enforcement in the EU Legal Order under the EWS”

Ben Crum  “Restructuring the Party-Political Space in the European Parliament”

Maria Alvarez  “Critics and opponents of integration in times of the European Communities: Eurosceptic Members of the European Parliament in the 1st-3rd Parliaments”

Achim Hurrelmann “Framing the Eurozone Crisis: Debates in Anna GoraNational Parliaments, 2009-2014”

Laurie Beaudonnet “Nationalist Parties: Understandingthe European turn”


4D) Identity and Immigration: Language Policy, Minorities and Integration

Chair/Discussant: Willem Maas

Neriman Hocaoglu  “The Role Of The European Union‟s Bahadır Language Policy In The ConstructionOf European Identity”

Mattias Derlen  “United in (Linguistic) Diversity? Brexita nd the EU Language Regime”

Laura Sanchez  “Immigration Policy in France 2013: Martinez The Case of the Roma Ethnic Minority”

Nathan Tarr  “The Multiple Meanings of Sharia and What Muslims Think of it in the European Union"

May 11: SESSION 5: 13.30-15.15

5A) Small States and European Realities

Chair Julian Campisi / Discussant Steve Hellman

Helga Hallgrimsdottir / Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly  “On fish, foes, and friends in need: Understanding the collapse of Iceland's bid to join the EU”

Matteo Giglioli “Populism, Personalization, Plutocracy: Three Mitteleuropean Cases”

Andrea Wagner “Romania‟s Transition and European Integration: The Curious History of a Kleptocratic Democracy”

Giada Laganà “The Europeanization of the Northern Ireland peace process and the Anglo-Irish dimension of the Northern Ireland conflict”


5B) Border Regimes and Asylum Policies

Chair/Discussant:Joan DeBardeleben

Darius Ribbe / Laura Kristin Eder  “Deconstructing“the refugee(s)” in the political debate on the policies of the European Migration Regime”

Ruben Zaiotti  “Schengen will never die: the future of the EU border regime in times of turmoil”

Alina Thieme  “Non-compliance with the European asylum acquis?”

Mulry Mondelice  “Assessing the cooperation and the (in)consistency between the humanitarian aid and the human rights diplomacy of the European Union in the complex Syrian crisis”

Hester Kroeze  “The Substance of Rights -New Pieces of the Ruiz Zambrano Puzzle”


5C) Monetary Union, Banking and Fiscal Policy

Chair/Discussant:Grant Amyot

Tuna Baskoy  “The Role of Market Competition in European Integration”
David Cleeton “Bank Risk Measurement Associated with Sovereign Debt Holdings: Exploring EBA Balance-Sheets”

Brent Toye  “The Consolidation State and Fiscal Federalism: Comparing Canada and Germany”

Phil Giurlando  “IR Theory Meets the Euro”

Daniel F. Schulz / Valerie D'erman/ Amy Verdun  “When do member states follow EU recommendations under the European Semester and Why?”


5D) Contemporary Problems of European Democracy: Can Political Theory help?

Chair/Discussant: Terry Maley

Thibault Biscahie  “A new pro-EU Populism. Macron's Election through Gramscian Eyes”

Iain Webb  “Post-modern (dis)integration-The British Radical Right's journey to Brexit'”

Andrew Jones  “The European Political Theories of the American Alt-Right”

Giuseppe Moliterni  “Democratic empowerment through language games: lessons from the 2, 3, 5th enlargement”

Hailey Murphy  “Demagoguery and Democracy: Anti-Intellectualism in the Brexit Debate”


5E) Voting Behaviour and The Politics of Perception

Chair/Discussant: Oliver Schmidtke

Andrea Fumarola  “Responsible and competent? How Immigration Shapes Accountability in the EU”

Stefan Haussner  “Social Equality and Voter Turnout in European Capitals”

Anne-Marie Houde/ Laura Uyttendaele/ Ava Receveur/ Eva Gerland  “Pourquoi des europhiles votent-ils pourdes partis eurosceptiques?” “The Great Recession and Public Perceptio" "Towards Immigration: The Case of Western Europe"


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