Membership in ECSA-C is for a two year period spanning from one ECSA-C biennial meeting until one month prior to the next ECSA-C meeting. As the next biennial meeting is scheduled for 2020, you should join now and register for the 2020 conference. If you join ECSA-C now, your membership will extend until April, 2022. To join ECSA-C now, please contact:  The membership form will soon be available.

Membership fees are accepted only by cheque (Canadian dollars), or money order. Note that membership fees may rise before the next biennial , so joining now will allow you to take advantage of the current rate.

ECSA-C Membership Fees  $60 (2 years)  (HST tax exempt) 

ECSA-C Student Membership Fees  $30 (2 years)  (HST tax exempt)

Current ECSA-C members